Talent concept
Employees are the wealth of the enterprise.

Great companies produce great employees,

Excellent employees create excellent enterprises.

Put people first and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

To identify and appreciate talents through a wide range of channels, recruitment of talents, and inspection of quality, professional skills, courage and creativity, team awareness and enterprise loyalty.

Candidates: insist on "using their strengths, avoid their weaknesses; Quantity is applicable, and man does his best; The principle of "choosing talents according to merit".

Personnel: implement the personnel mechanism of "on the capable person, under the mediocre person", attach importance to "recommend oneself", abandon "make up for the number", and reuse "have ability and integrity".

Education: pay attention to the construction of corporate culture, create a harmonious, friendly, friendly and harmonious corporate family atmosphere, and establish a sound training, education mechanism, for all kinds of talents to provide broad development space and display platform.

Retention: the implementation of "to love, career, treatment, cultural retention" strategy, the great wave panning for sand, left are the essence.

Core idea: let the people who want to work have the opportunity, the people who can work have the stage, the people who do the work have the status and treatment. A man of his merits is a man of his merits.

First, the principle of integrity and competence. Select and use talents according to the comprehensive measurement, integrity and talent have both the requirements, insist that there is no virtue is a mediocre person, there is no virtue is a mean person, virtue can not be biased.

Second, the principle of "effect theory". In the use of talent, we do not look at the degree to see the ability, do not look at the diploma to see the level, no matter what identity, what degree, what age, as long as do well, do better than others, outstanding achievements, the bold implementation, entrusted with a heavy responsibility. At present, the average age of technicians and middle managers is around 35, while the average age of workshop directors is around 30. Although they are not old enough and some are not highly educated, they are capable, motivated and have outstanding achievements. We insist on the "effect theory" personnel mechanism, so that a large number of talented people with both integrity and ability to stand out, become the pillar of enterprise development.

Third, it is the principle of putting practice first. "It will take seven years to burn the jade until it is three days full." Over the years, all kinds of professional talents who work in China magnesium group have been arranged to the front line of production in the workshop to be trained and improved in practice, and then passed the public examination to select the best.

Fourth, the principle of survival of the fittest. In terms of talent selection, we have achieved the transformation from "bole xiangma" to "race horse selection". Otherwise, they will be eliminated.

Fifth, is "everyone is talent" principle. In the use of talent, the elimination of stereotypes and mystification, to achieve the appropriate for people, quantity applicable. As long as in the right position to exert the greatest degree of intelligence, is a certain significance of talent. According to this principle, according to the level, specialty, experience and character of each employee, we arrange them to a relatively appropriate position, and make the best of their talents and abilities, thus promoting the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the company.